6 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

Extra Salty Episode

Tag Paid Go -  EP 47: Extra Salty Episode: I read fan mail this episode - SPOILER ALERT - It gets a little salty.  There's also a new song called "SYNCHRONICITY 3". Listen to past episodes and songs at: www.tagpaidgo.com Sign up for the newsletter - news.tagpaidgo.com ----more---- TRANSCRIPT Ep 47 Welcome to another episode of tag paid go. I am scott and I’ll be your narrator this evening.  Last week I made a top 5 post Covid list.  A list of things I wanted to do post Covid.  In said list I made a remark about using bath salts for summoning demons.  It seems some of you were offended by that list. In particular, one specific group.  The Regional Bath Salts Retailer’s Southern Association has written me a strongly worded letter asking for a retraction.  The letter reads: (paper) Dear Mr. Scott First of of all, my name is just scott. I’m not the chief engineer of any intergalactic space vehicle.  And while I don’t mind the fictional character reference, if they would have done any sort of homework, they would have realized I’m more of a Star Wars fan.  That’s Not to say I don’t like the other show, it just doesn’t really interest me in a fictional space drama kind of way.  I’m more of a space wizard and robots type of guy.  Lets dive into this - - Dear mr scott. *sigh It has come to our attention that you referenced the use of bath salts in a way that they are not intended.  The summoning of demonic or ANY type of non earthly or spiritual beings is not what bath salts are designed for, hence misleading the general public of their capabilities.  Bath salts are used for a relaxing and soothing way to enjoy a bath.  It should be noted that while the term “salt” is in the name, we also do not recommend using bath salts in conjunction with food related items. The side effects can be less than desirable.   In conclusion we at the RBSRSA have decided that your podcast has violated and disrupted the bath salts industry. Please take this time to reflect on your actions and remove or retract your previous podcast episode.   Warm Regards Benjamin Rogers Regional VP of Public Relations RBSRSA While i reflect on wether or not I’m taking down the previous episode, I am formulated a letter to send back to them and will hopefully have it ready to share with you on the next episode.  For right now, if you’re gonna summon other worldly demons, maybe use just plain old table salt.   Speaking of salt, I’d like to take a minute to thank our returning sponsor.  Chewy Bean Soap.  If you love things squeaky clean Just reach for a Chewy Bean Chewy Bean soap   We’ve made to the part of the show where I feature I song I just wrote.  Sit back with a salted caramel chocolate soda and enjoy. This songs called  SONG Well that does it for this weeks episode of tag paid go.  I’d like to thank our sponsor.   Chewy bean soap  We like our soap like we like our beans. Chewy.  Chew bean soap I’d also like to let you know about our electronic mailing list.  Gets news and info and emails from tag paid go.  Just go to news.tagpaidgo.com and sign up.  Check out tag paid go on YouTube for some additional music videos.  Thanks to all of you for coming back this week.   Everyone stay safe.  Be kind to each other Till next time.  Tag. Paid. Go  
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