21 minutes | Oct 22nd 2019

The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Drop Episode 18

Today I go over the last trailer for Star Wars the rise of skywalker that dropped last night during the halftime show for the patriots and jets game.  Let’s delve into the trailer  Welcome to another episode of Swords Suits and Sabers  Im your Host Chris,  holy cow that trailer was awesome! I was sitting on my couch glued to my phone watching the halftime show last night! I got goosebumps and chills.   I’m thinking they just copied the original trilogy the first one was a desert planet and Death Star Type weapon.  Second one we ended krate they had both in empire strikes back, And Endor in return of the Jedi. The trailer shows a Forrest planet maybe it’s Endor. We got to see in the trailer before rey and crew are looking at the remains of Death Star 2.  Crashed down on a planet.
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