20 minutes | Jul 25th 2019

Spiderman Far From Home Review for Episode 13

 Hello I’m Chris and welcome to this episode of Swords Suits and Sabers I talk about Spider-Man far from home this episode will be packed with spoilers so be weary fans if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet don’t listen and go watch the movie and come back.    Let’s get into it true believers   Where to start haha the movie felt like a true Spider-Man film more than the Sam rami ones don’t get me wrong I loved them all until the third one. Same with the Andrew Garfield ones I loved him as Spider-Man then they scraped them and restarted.   The graphics are amazing for the hydro monster the tornado and the molten lava monster they are visually appealing and awesome.  The characters are a little more flushed out and you get to see Ned and MJ more in this one. Haha she finds out Parker is Spider-Man.    Mysterio is not from a different earth he is a fraud just like in the 1990’s cartoon I wish he would have called him fish bowl head.  But mysterio was a “good guy” or so he seemed for the first part of the movie.    He traps Spider-Man in his elisions and holograms. It’s well played out and visually pleasing to the eyes. Spiderman doesn’t have his spider sense like in avengers infinity war. But he gets it back or as aunt may calls it his Peter tingle haha. Happy also calls it that.  The ending kinda sucks they kill off mysterio or well he kills himself really.     The action was crazy and intense, well worth the two hours haha.   JJ is back! Same actor.  Holy cow that was a awesome movie stay till the end they have a end credits scene fury is in outer space and talos was acting as nick fury.   First movie with out a Stan lee cameo   They put a dedication at the end of the movie to him after the last end credits scene. 
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