44 minutes | Jul 29th 2019

Comic Con 2019 and more on Episode 14

 Hey everyone for this episode I’m going over everything from comic con and a few trailers that dropped that I just recently got to check out and more on this episode of Swords Suits and Sabers let’s get to it.    First off everything we know about  The crisis on infinite earths episodes. This is going to be a epic event! They are pulling out the big guns and hero’s out of retirement for this event.  We have Burt ward reprising his role as robin from 1966’s Batman with Adam west this earths Batman has died. unfortunately Adam west passed away in 2017 they won’t be recasting his Batman more than likely we will get a mention of West’s caped crusader in crisis.    We are also getting Tom Welling,Clark Kent/Boy Scout I don’t know if they will be calling him Superman or not from smallville and Lynda Carter from the 70’s show Wonder Woman will be appearing  on crisis.    Wb/CW is putting every character they can think of and snag from previous shows and movies.  We also got a glimpse of Brandon Routh sporting a T-shirt with the kingdom come Superman along side Tyler’s superman.    Marvels phase 4 and beyond    MCU films rumored and coming out   Definite MCU films   Black widow    Eternals   Shang chi and the legend of the 10 rings  Dr strange and the multiverses of madness  Thor: love and thunder.  Movies that Kevin Feige mentioned on stage at comic con 2019 Captain marvel 2 Black panther 2 Fantastic 4 and guardians of the galaxy vol 3  And he also mentioned Blade!!!  Holy crap!! I was blown away by the fantastic 4 and blade reveals!! He also didn’t get to talk about mutants.   I figured they would keep going with guardians and black panther and captain marvel and dr strange but since Disney/marvel purchased fox they got the rights to x-men and fantastic 4 again. I like how Kevin said that he doesn’t Think this one was rumored at all when he said blade. But a couple Facebook forms I’m in talked rumors of marvel and smiles doing blade 4 & 5.    Black widow may 1,2020 we will see what happened in Budapest! We will also see task master come out of the shadows for the first time in movie form hopefully they pull this one off.  Maybe David harbour will be task master!?  I was hoping Clancy brown would play as task master.   What we know so far we’ll is very limited because from what the cast said on stage at comic con is that it’s only been in production for 30 days as of them being at comic con.  Attendees got to see a glimpse of scarlet jo Hanson aka (black widow) and Florence  aka (yelena belova) in a fight scene where we learn they are both “sisters.” Entertainment tonight also learned some key black widow details after the epic Marvel panel. We previously found out that the movie would show multiple black widow’s which means we might see one of these new black widows take over the mantle for scarlet jo after end game.    eternals nov 6,2020  We know even less than we do for black widow. The movie hasn’t even began filming yet. But we do know one thing some roles have been gender swapped hayek as ajak who was the original   Shang chi and the legend of the 10 rings feb 12,2021.  Cast as of now is Simu liu as Shang chi tony leung as awkwafina  aka the real Mandarin!!!  Kevin feige told as before the cast reveal that the 10 rings appeared in previous marvel movies.   I didn’t know that or really pay attention to it really now I have to check out the others to find the hints.   Doctor strange and the multiverses of madness may 7,2021  What we know. The events of Wandavision more on that show later on but the Disney+ show will lead into dr strange in a epic way since they are 
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