19 minutes | Oct 8th 2019

Child's Play Review Episode 17

Tonight I review child’s play 2019 let’s get into this movie.   Where to start with this one? I think I ruined myself on looking at the photos and movie trailers  It’s actually kind of creepy because it’s taking place in the era of technology and not like the 80’s version being a man that gets killed and he uses voodoo to put himself into the good guys doll.  To seek vengeance on mike and the police officer.    This one takes place more so with Andy and his friends he’s 13 instead of being 6 like in the original with just him and his mom dealing with Chucky. This one has a higher body count than the original more blood also.  The original is still scary   Mark Hamlis Voice acting was eerie I am used to hearing him as Luke skywalker or the joker.   So his take on Chucky was creepy as hell.  He was no brad dour if has the most iconic laugh of all time and you can’t do anything but shudder if you hear it and stop to look to see if you can find Chucky looming somewhere around the corner.   Had a reference to robocop at the end with a toy police car coming up to Andy and saying dead or alive your coming with me. I chuckled at this the ending was left open for more in this series of new child’s play movies if they choose to keep going.
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