72 minutes | Dec 28, 2018

Episode 30 - Karen Cucks Chris with a Guy from a Vanilla Friend's Birthday

Welcome back horny devils! What a time we have been having! We talk about Karen’s first night sexy hook up with someone she met while out for one of our vanilla friend’s birthday and how she cucked Chris by bringing the guy home on the first night. We also ramble as usual about little things. Enjoy! Email us stories/questions/comments to swingingalong69@gmail.com Check out our website at www.swingingalong.com Follow us on Twitter SwingingAlong69 Add us on Snapchat as Swingingalong Follow us on Instagram under swingingalongpodcast Want to contribute to the show? We have a Patreon account which can help us! Head on over to https://www.patreon.com/Swingingalong and check out our tiers and what each one has to offer! We have been having a blast on www.kasidie.com! We have been meeting lots of fun couples in our area and having even more sexy dates. Use the referral code SWINGINGALONG69 to get a free 30 day elite membership on us! Looking to spice things up? Maybe you need to replace that vibrator that just isn’t doing the job it used to? Perhaps you have a lingerie addiction like Karen? Head on over to www.adamandeve.com and use the code SWINGING at checkout to get 50% off almost the entire store, free shipping, 3 free DVDs AND a free gift!
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