44 minutes | Jul 24, 2020

Sweet Radu's Musically Inclined: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Part I: 1988 the year in sickness, death and metal music in a nutshell

Hi! So half good news and half bad news, I found my headphones, bad news is that on listening to this episode I do not think that my microphone was working properly but alas, we did seventh son that way. On this episode we discuss, the music, the murder and the sadness of that year and discuss the other albums that came out on that same year.  Do not forget to contact us with questions and we will read them on the air!! theritualpodcast@gmail.com Glad to be back with this new format and I hope that you guys enjoy it. Please tell your friends if you do. There is an anchor link where you can send us a message at and if you prefer the way of the email please use theritualpodcast@gmail.com.  Essential research for this episode came from: Wikipedia, I love you even though I always have to confirm you  The History of Iron Maiden Part 1 Run to the Hills the official Biography of Iron Maiden by Mick Wall  We do not own the rights of these songs we are using them as samples of the greatness that we wished that we had Show intro song: "Ab Imo Pectore" from the band Dead Rites --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sweetradusmusicinclined/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sweetradusmusicinclined/support
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