22 minutes | Sep 18th 2020

Join Our New Club!

My co-host and I are self-professed early birds. We feel physically and creatively at our best in the early hours of the morning, before most people are awake. Even though we know this to be true we struggled to make it a habit. Just because getting up early makes us feel like the best version of ourselves doesn't mean it is an easy habit to create. So, we set about to start a new club: the 5:45 club. Every day we texted each other when we got up to try to hold each other accountable, and create this new early morning habit. Did it work? Let's find out! MEET AMY HERE: on her blog, on Instagram, or Facebook. MEET BETHANY HERE: on her blog, on Instagramor Facebook.   FOLLOW SWEET AS LOVE HERE: on Instagram or in the Sweet As Love Facebook Group. Or send us an email at sweetaslovepodcasting@gmail.com   CREDITS: Theme music by Timothy Miller. Cover art by Andrew Miller. Tech support by Malachi Miller.   SOUND TECHNICIAN: Bethany Lotulelei.
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