25 minutes | Sep 4th 2020

Beginner's Guide to Canning

Canning lids are flying off the shelf faster than many stores can keep them in stock. Why? Because of the pandemic, record numbers of people have started gardens, resulting in more veg, and an increasing number of households wanting to preserve their beautiful home-grown food. Many people like myself, are canning for the very first time this year! In this episode, we will share what supplies you need for canning, our very favorite recipes, and how to make the whole process a whole lot simpler. MEET AMY HERE: on her blog, on Instagram, or Facebook. MEET BETHANY HERE: on her blog, on Instagramor Facebook.   FOLLOW SWEET AS LOVE HERE: on Instagram or in the Sweet As Love Facebook Group. Or send us an email at sweetaslovepodcasting@gmail.com   CREDITS: Theme music by Timothy Miller. Cover art by Andrew Miller. Tech support by Malachi Miller.   SOUND TECHNICIAN: Bethany Lotulelei.
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