21 minutes | Aug 7th 2020

All The Diets We've Tried

From the cabbage soup diet, to Whole 30, to intermittent fasting, we've tried our fair share of diets. We are here today to share what has worked for us, what we've loved, and what we will never try again.   Disclaimer: we know the subject of dieting, weight, and diet culture can be a sensitive topic for many people. We don't attempt to give any medical advice, and if this topic is triggering for you it might be an episode you may want to skip. Always put your mental and physical health first.   MEET AMY HERE: on her blog, on Instagram, or Facebook. MEET BETHANY HERE: on her blog, on Instagramor Facebook. FOLLOW SWEET AS LOVE HERE: on Instagramor in the Sweet As Love Facebook Group. Or send us an email at sweetaslovepodcasting@gmail.com CREDITS: Theme music by Timothy Miller. Cover art by Andrew Miller. Tech support by Malachi Miller. SOUND TECHNICIAN: Bethany Lotulelei.
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