73 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

Sweaty Palms Podcast #7 Radio Martiko

In this episode we are joined by Mechiel from @Radio-Martiko. A Dj and collector most known for his reissue label, that specialising in rare non-western music from all over the world. We talk about why terms like world music exist, how important it is to visit a country to really know its musical culture, how some artists are only celebrated after death and more. Hosted by: Youniss Ahamad Produced by: Mathijs Maes Track IDs: The Latins - Habibi Twist Alba And Orchestre Aris - Alba's Shake Lucho Bermúdez - Tolu Vassilis Vassiliadis - Tsiftetelli Tassos Chalkias -I Efchi Tou Xenitemenou Abdou El Omari avec Naima Samih - Zifaf Filfada
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