56 minutes | Dec 10th 2020

Sonic Branding - Strategy For Your Ears - Steve Keller, Pandora

How do you help a brand stay in someone's mind by going through their ears? Steve Keller is Sonic Strategy Director at Pandora. Pandora has over 60 million active users per month and is worth a few billion dollars. Steve sits in Studio Resonate, a small part of this few-billion-dollar company in Oakland, USA. At Pandora's Studio Resonate, Steve works with brands on how to appear in people's ears - on and beyond Pandora. In this interview, we discuss: - The science of sound - The key concepts of sonic branding - How the money works (who gets paid for what)  You can find Steve here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevekeller1/ You can find Resonate Studios here: https://www.pandoraforbrands.com/studio-resonate ** Find the book "Strategy Is Your Words" and 100 strategy classes at Sweathead here: http://www.sweathead.com
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