189 minutes | Oct 20th 2020

Ep 84 Fall 2020 Anime Preview

Join Yuki and TV Guru as they discuss their personal favorite Fall 2020 anime shows such as Jujutsu Taisen, Noblesse, Burn The Witch, and Yashahime. Lost on what anime that you should watch? Then come listen!


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Tonikawa over the moon for you (song) https://youtu.be/vQiodbKEW6s   Fargo (fx drama) https://youtu.be/FPm18g_vsqY   South park pandemic special  https://youtu.be/u6bEaBeOVkg   I'm Standing on a million lives (anime) https://youtu.be/U26Up23GGDk   Burn the witch (anime) https://youtu.be/bJzUi09q4q8   Wandering witch (anime) https://youtu.be/OkrbVBUa4S0   Hypnosis mic (anime) https://youtu.be/g5PoYHbOEoU   Assault lily banquet (anime) https://youtu.be/40Fy-JWoDkc   Yashahime princess half demon (anime) https://youtu.be/EAduQVY1KOU   Tonikawa over the moon for you (anime) https://youtu.be/de9OckSLP1o   Dragon quest the adventure of dai (anime) https://youtu.be/RrwbuwhIwbA   Jujutsu taisen (anime) https://youtu.be/pkKu9hLT-t8   Golden kamuy (anime) https://youtu.be/G2raRyN6kgY   Noblesse (anime) https://youtu.be/m4GSDf8vlNs   Ikebukoro west gate park (anime) https://youtu.be/iOaaNJ7c4cA   Akudama drive (anime) https://youtu.be/vtBy-KHATR0   Tonikawa over the moon for you (anime) https://youtu.be/de9OckSLP1o   The gymnastic samurai (anime) https://youtu.be/KSdkglUr7oc   Moriarty the patriot (anime) https://youtu.be/zDX2dfLqhjo   Talentless nana (anime) https://youtu.be/8MWnUBPslcs   Higurashi when they cry (anime) https://youtu.be/XCcf-VlezFg   The day I became a god (anime) https://youtu.be/md3ryIqKOIQ   Sleeping princess (anime) https://youtu.be/H6Pmc-3w3ek   With a dog and a cat everything is fun (anime) https://youtu.be/z8z-PKR7_k4   Space dandy (anime) https://youtu.be/8jUWZURna3g   Space dandy (song) https://youtu.be/OI9aye8uTCk