64 minutes | Apr 4, 2019

Episode 79: Penis Pills and Other Thrills

We recorded this episode in two takes. We had to stop recording the first take because we got in an argument. Oh well. I was also really congested during the first take. Sorry about that.Semi-live from Vancouver BC.FuGrrl is tired and hungry.New mic stands. Can you tell the difference?What's the Weather? Pot smoke!FuGrrl's Canada prejudices get dashed.Sending some love to our Vancouver listeners.Sorry. The podcast came out after we went to Seattle. We will meet you another time.Continued on April 3Get a month on us! Use our promo codes and get a free month on Kasidie (promo code: swapfu) and SDC (promo code: 32457).Sexual Performance AnxietyRealizing MrFu's performance anxiety kept us from participating in many swinger events.MrFu struggles with this issue. Maybe my experience will help some folks feel like they are less alone.Self-acceptance vs self-improvement.Been here in BC for more than a month and still haven't had any pot. We've got shit to do.Going to the Whistler LS Takeover! May 2 - 5. Join us!The music for this episode is Vancouver's own Bear Mountain's cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World The Swap Fu podcast contains explicit, adult content, intended for listeners 18 years of age or older. The Swap Fu Podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only. We are not health or sexuality professionals and anything we say should not be construed as professional advice. Please contact us: swapfu@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter @swapfu Call us at 609-3SWAPFU Just remember Your Marriage May Vary!
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