49 minutes | May 29, 2019

Swamp Thing Radio Season 0 – Episode 9: Matt Cable and Some Light Spoilers

This week on Swamp Thing Radio Carolyn and Wendy talk about Matthew Cable the DDI Agent assigned to guard the Hollands who at first chased Swamp Thing thinking he was responsible for the deaths of the Hollands. Later Matt Married Abby Arcane, gained reality altering powers and eventually became Dream's pet Crow in Neil Gaimen's Sandman series. It's a long strange trip so come let us walk you through it. Matt Cable will be played by Henderson Wade in the new Swamp Thing Series on DC Universe.  Also Carolyn also had an amazing opportunity to screen the first 2 episodes and hear the cast and crew speak about their roles. Let's just say they were not disappointed. We will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum but still give you the buzz. 
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