60 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

Episode 48 – Crypto For Preppers

Is it time to consider investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum? And what exactly are cryptocurrencies anyway? In this episode I describe to the extreme beginner what I know of these investments, and how they fit into any prepper’s nest-egg investment strategy. If Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing is for you, here are links to some exchanges (brokers) I have used: Coinbase: high fees but great charts and very fast set up. I like the explanations and news stories offered for each cryptocurrency. Soon they will have a debit card that will give you a percentage of Bitcoin for everything you spend on the card. Crypto.com: decent charts, great selection, interest paid on holdings, they offer a cool debit card with 3% paid back to you in cryptocurrency. Slow set up, but zero commissions for the first 30 days.  Use this link here to set up your account with Crypto.com and we both get $25 extra in crypto. Celsius: app only, but this is my favorite overall cryptocurrency exchange. Very fast set up, good selection, good charts, high interest paid to you on your holdings and low-interest loans offered against your holdings. $30 goes to you and me both if you set up a new account at Celsius with $200 cash or crypto, using this referral code: 1045785b63 Blockfi: small selection but good interest paid on your holdings and loans made against your holdings. Coming soon: Blockfi’s Visa credit card with a percent of your spending refunded to your account in crypto. $10 goes to you and me both when you use this link here to set up a new account with $100 or more. Blockfi has an affiliate program that will pay you lots of money if you set it up and refer lots of people to Blockfi. Honorable mention to these cryptocurrency exchanges: Gemini, Nexo and Aave If you are interested in possibly accepting Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) for your business, you can transfer coins from your customer’s crypto wallet to yours (as I described in this podcast), or you can read this interesting article here.  Here are some cool and/or explanatory cryptocurrency items to check out at the Survival In Motion Amazon store: Ledger Nano S wallet Trezor One wallet, which is $60, but the latest Trezor wallet is called the model T, and it has a handy LED screen that shows your crypto balances. It is pricey at $180, and it is found here. The Bitcoin Standard book A Beginner’s Guide To Bitcoin book The Only Bitcoin Investing Book You’ll Ever Need Bitcoin Clarity book (audio version) Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With book (audio version) Bitcoin Money: A Tale Of Bitville Discovering Good Money (a children’s picture book that explains Bitcoin) A fun cryptocurrency coffee mug (“Gotta Hodl ‘Em All”)  Physical Bitcoin souvenir (not a real Bitcoin, but looks like one and might be a fun conversation piece) And while you’re at it, consider shopping at Amazon’s Warehouse Deals — up to 70% off! — from this link here. Shopping at Amazon through the Survival In Motion Amazon store helps defray production costs. The world’s money may be going through a huge shift towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies right now. Like I said, this could be huge. Investing in this stuff has its risks, not only in signing up for an exchange account, but also in investing, and in holding (or “hodling”) the cryptocurrency you pay for. Do your own research, and be careful out there. ———- Anyone can follow Author Cal Wilson on Amazon at this link here, and that way you will be updated by Amazon whenever I have a new book sold on Amazon. Please stay in touch with the Survival In Motion podcast, and with Author Cal Wilson, by subscribing with your e-mail address, and by subscribing to this podcast by RSS, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or the other audio service providers.  It would also be cool if you would leave a review for this podcast on iTunes or somewhere.      The post Episode 48 – Crypto For Preppers appeared first on Survival in Motion.
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