77 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

Night Shift Podcast - Steve Campo Episode 1

Steve Campo is regarded as one of the most influential surfcasters of the past half-century. Not only is his fishing prowess well known but his attention to detail and his relentless drive to innovate are legendary. We are glad that Steve agreed to talk to us about his life in the surf and we will share that conversation with you in the next few podcasts. There is mind-blowing stuff in here that I only started to grasp when I listened to it the second or third time. Steve attention to detail is insane, his plug collection was the largest that I have ever seen, he is credited to inventing or refining so many things we use today in the surf that I could write for hours…but instead just press play and enjoy the ride down memory lane with Steve and I Zeno We welcome your feedback so hit us up with any ideas, comments, or suggestions at info@surfcastersjournal.com Visit Surfcaster's Journal Magazine at https://www.surfcastersjournal.com/
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