44 minutes | Feb 10th 2019

Episode 097 - No More Excuses

  • Universal Windows Podcast – Episode 97 – No Excuses
  • Excuses for no new episodes include Christmas Funerals Australia ACLs Cuba CES Weddings New Years
  • Microsoft MVP Summit March 17-22
Word of the Week
  • Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time any of us says "Excuses"
News of the Week
  • All About assistants
  • CES - Where mediocre ideas go to???
  • Tips for attending CES and survive
  • Qualcomm aims straight at Intel with 8cx chip, its first CPU for PCs
  • Worst of CES
    • Bendable screen
    • Another freaky kids robot
    • Suitcases
    • Victrola Record Players
    • Polaroid
    • Amazon makes clear it's now competing with shippers like FedEx and UPS in its annual filing

Whisky of the Week

Transcript Courtesy of Wit.AI Episode 097 - No More Excuses

Transcript [0:00] Hello i'm cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such a service x box phones and the windows insider program, who are your hosts the surface smiths on gold smith and we're the surface smiths welcome to one episode. What weekday is ninety seven ish twenty seven th correct so. Let me connect when they ship and get one hundred seven that's right where we been we been gone for a long time and i would give me good excuses for that i will leave in everywhere man u on all the way to australia. I didn't know how many comments wearing himself out with his ACR is access control lists is broken. Are there a couple of death threats that i know of that no way. [0:53] And then why didn't is it christmas, look up the most recent get so you don't have a good excuse not that anyone looks like your squad know the only actually the only good excuse was that i was sad i been sick for business hard to talk yourself. [1:14] Okay umm plain colors we do it for you but so let's say enough providers details and the after party and move on with the show, the show must go on so i picked little bit uh housekeeping MVP summit march seventeen to twenty second, we'll be bringing robbie there will be there so when a lot of our listeners are the other, i had some work in redmond as well we got some microsoft staff where we to be there and black scotch, yes i would like whiskey cigarettes out adam will if you buy a drink with argyle shirt or something with that. Wow ok hey there we have people bringing bringing bottles out if it that if you tell them you gonna write out but ok ok if you tell me what if you don't we'll write on you because i write so we need to move on then we need a. [2:13] We need hey guys what about the word of the yes will need to order with david while the weak excuse are we had our excuse for not having the showing the vote to not so quick to have money i was exactly two months. Last episode of the sixth of december will there be rain today in the fifth of february so that was the weather like, that's so that i don't off the about the same so let's move on um when you hear the word we get to take a drinking favorite beverage, yes right and what the week again is david excuse is the only excuse excuse. [2:53] You can you can use anywhere you want really if there is no judging this competition you do not need an excuse lol we'll win. We all went ok so we got that, coming up with got new new story at the wee will this is news of jeremy dyson gone for so long what's the stuff but that is somewhat relevant that we wanted to chat about yes yes, so one of my excuses website was that she is what's the earliest date will it stand for what can i come in for CES great is nothing right the show but nothing i do not use the consumer electronic show and i do not want it to the things the time i think the worst of CS are actually, what month would roughly say as a consumer electronics okay, so you got some notes here i do not get to say about it i think that's the big thing everywhere was was all about the assistance google and. Amazon alexa contact adam dad he would be found. What was there but not really caring either available from her point of view and pretty much everything which means it instead of just having a sad switch on the wall you have a switch to microphone on the wall. Umm no service all these devices that people are making the internet of things and so on and so on to work with alexa and dot google and. [4:23] Yeah i mean alexa and google both do amazing audio pickup yes. [4:29] What does this mean all the companies that make something related to alexa and google are gonna make any sort of money whatsoever can i find the light of, alexa google amazon ecosystem gonna really continue along and they will make my debit card being car still be in. Charlotte sophie everywhere but this gonna be a lot of people think therefore it's just gonna be purpose whatever business idea they had not make it alexa or google device. And they're gonna make a whole lot of money and people are at CES seven thousand probably and yeah you look at the devices center site. [5:07] Let's just like the same device so hot like three bids over and over and over again i think everything's gonna start a podcast here rich. What can we start the podcast. Not it yesterday morning canada ok so right so now you have subtitle for CS what do you call it. What me to wear a mediocre ideas go to di if i broke what was that. [5:38] I don't know that's where i don't see my shout out here. Anyways ora si oui marcy a mediocre guys okay so the shots while i am in so many mediocre ideas there just look at things like that like i'm number one to them once. Yes you could go a charge card and a new contract the battery of the idea being that they would have free cellphone the idea being that you would be able to take your. What are your pocket charger cell phone and then drop it off gustaría these things around town the good that just drop this off at the other end of the year. Yeah the equation and not be stuck with the battery anymore sapere two dollars and and look at this business model it's like first of all i pay you can five to ten years cellphones actually last a long time my order its please sell two years. Well that's the idea when i will have non of you will be found with much better battery life within two years not everyone had one yet so five to ten years to get out of the system um, you can already buy a battery, there's already places all over the place that don't require you to have multiples of the meaning of a stalled the locker to put your cell phone in your cell phone from you half an hour will try and the other just so many ideas that would like access to or just. [6:58] Add an ok idea at any some my car cost to manufacture other is another one that reminds me of that one was just dumb. [7:06] Yeah firewalls people but thats not getting this one thing that that was out was, announces a demo at CES as we take a look up again and i forgot that was the near feel charging for charging your device without, begin contact list mode and never find them so it's kinda like charging but have a distance in there talking about measuring it in meters not inches so they could be across the room and still charge your device if u can answer but u can i wanna talk, alexa from here are threatening which way will we go yeah that's possible, that's to be great for the card things i gotta cup holders and whatnot to use drop your phone in a cup holder and feel the top of a task than the car itself right but they cannot touch the top of my desk on my laptop charge my cell phone charger. All right for the baby monitor. [7:57] And just for truck tops is a manager of a disadvantage of those charging box outside but it's for top and your case what you're talking about is it could be a regular charge and place you just leave it on the monitor, when entertainment finland are you doing ok was pushing the charging with a lil nervous, remember that anybody remember that describe probably does but anyways that coffee shops that had deduction charging mats, yeah i'm tables for people transfer from ikea made some lamps with that promise lol right so. [8:33] That's the weird stuff for the ideas go to die, do you have your tips from tending CS and surviving so if you can going to cs then it definitely should drive me nuts hundred thousand people there and ideally a hundred eighty thousand people didn't really seem overwhelmingly question, i want to las vegas typically has quarter million to half a million tourists that important i ignored other people that work in CA so that i think that was really minimum because, red sparrow permits food so basically i would i was i don't worry about people trying to get a hotel close by. Add to the venue centers venue so it's fairly easy to pick one that and then i think the key is did i go for all four days. My wife and i are there with a suite to every other life your second wife third wife second and third and so we. [9:33] We each worked so that it wont two days and it up going through that kind of been ok, each one reach one today's been six days but wife to find one like to find out so let's play mat get me after five so just took those david get married while he was in vegas that's where that re married, that's the third time for me but my wife says she'll never get married again so i did this without. Morning your right i'm really going four days in a row with just enough to see that's too much today. [10:08] Okay so many countries that interesting happen to a lot of conferences that have a show expo and things like that when there any ch boost and sleep are so kind of mellow time is it gonna make it because this show will add big companies are there because i can speak is weather app with another applicant closing deals or special cruise that anyone don't want the product showing off brandon brandon is because of gas, yeah what's the stars are gonna but that thereby different companies what they are done about that and if we get done no certain people really like shows with less than five thousand people in the same people come every year get to know people i get to the vendor or to get a speaker does not make a community a message when i go to regularly in vegas but that show is now gone and its been managing to ignite no everything yet to show what everything right all right let's move on then so had a good chat with the qualcomm, i think i was the only one that hey there call girls in laptops. [11:12] Okay play paul really know that i'm bilbo no qualcomm at all right cuz goodbyes idc what was the time will come actually made handsets. Hello, i don't off that i remember seeing one of verizon qualcomm answer your call i make a chief that's from for many many handsets still be like are my eyes and i make them oh terms and things like chips includes everything just stop not just the process but also with apple. Except for apple posso custa for apple pay to apple makes the next, they have their own version the app but they buy the modem so out of ass always interesting to me really. Do they really think with the newest version of the dark all contracts in the college that um cx cx cx they really think they have something that's as powerful as, environmental i found you know what most people, what we whatever triple the amount of battery life that you would be getting on netflix similar device um. [12:20] Aniston and all the other women and built-in and built-in cellular, please follow the same sock with all there it all runs longer or you can make your lights really light make it red the length of time, can you can pick up the surface of how that could really benefit from having a battery that did some other stuff is gold in colour like that guilt that i didn't take a circle with me just tell your and i was like to have it it struggled to do any video editing with crash the device it works really well is great for recording mix advice or talk about what crash the device when i was ready video recording of free video editing and just didn't have a will just. The software freezes up can handle it other than the software but that's to be expected on hello in japanese that i put the battery life is terrible right it was useless. It's i mean could you tell me a tablet is low powered test trouble doing video editing i got. Whatever it the battery doesn't last days and thats just not acceptable a valve is better i can get today. Actually yes i have monday of that works really well i'm not sure it has to do with them the wife thinking that that's an hour mode so it wasn't sinking onedrive all the time so i, need to do some experimenting with some battery time so that we can talk to the folks in redmond but it. [13:37] What happens when we go there lets do that OK what was the surface people let's do that if you visit the food nearby okay right so i so. Call come this year can i have a whole bunch of laptops and mobile when was about well maybe i want to try one but don't like them i know this is one of those things if it, material one and one hundred laptops is made with cauliflower right now we're just start somewhere right but if i was serving someone you can get a fourteen hour battery life in the laptop now, the summit can make it medium and laptop. I am beginning twenty hours of the day to people who care of you when is four hours will the phone does it mean to the really care whether it and intel weather in m. d. or weather for qualcomm inside not. [14:30] I'm looking at a base level of performance then looking at the battery life of storage things like that but the people in best buy sells them full of misinformation but. Forgot password, what's the closest recently of them and they said the favourite was because of, the big box stores like me big box or closest stores closing to help with that location of choice us to because i got the other location just. [15:04] Start the chain of one espresso the one that leaves still there i think i do not take long to a tag along to the other small toys are still for sure for sure by ok alright so was the worst of CS well. Adjust the worst i saw was these freaky little robot see you suppose to use to keep the kids entertained and we'll your kid to be raised by smart phone not by a robot. They're just like to give robots and i think that cost five ten grand a piece and they were supposed to teach you kid. Empathy should i need the chinese and japanese mostly at siena could read a book like a good read a physical block if if if you would put the book and every time it's like. Just like a real solution looking for problems well it's i think a lot of its just stuck, when will i be at the art of the possible not that the user can stream already but that get people thinking about the concept right yes yes yes i feel about another suitcases. So there's a variety of suitcases you can get there when was the album a suitcase would follow around ok and so for five hundred dollars that also suitcase from you like some kid comes in place with that. I meant for the battery replaced on the ship will you like like somebody like when does your silhouette and make sure where is bad but you know why. [16:32] Some kids gonna see it n teenager and mike gonna be the last to see if your robot i put the worst and suitcase is there with so it was a smart integrated suitcase scooter. [16:44] Recent concept me know what the app. Can you just push to the speed or is there a good detox that you can have your suitcase that's good with his case but yeah probably was what was called something like that but it was the grand us. [17:00] Yeah but what is the interesting one is going through security on to my flights either they asked if i had a smart suitcase and a what, and explain that to the sender you have to take the batteries out of your smart suitcase on my jacket so i can follow the codes and follow you on the plane because i feel like shit yeah but the luggage service, will you check you bag and yeah yeah so what u do jacket i don't know i'm there was anything there, add band of all screen sold space grey tablet that folding have to become a smartphone um what's today's ago and had this huge three hundred, square of three hundred thousand square inch screen window screen that the used in the stadium, no help bye rock video what does accompany me the one of the top of the dog yeah what's up and about skirts, don't let the band go to place like that it's better with me anyway ok so when do the screens but just like three times it looks like a prototype. I had a kind of what you can really see that. Maybe in ten years something like this might be practical because people have covers on the phone to gold and front but. It was softtek so heavy you got the weight of a tablet in your pocket with most people dont want. [18:26] Play something sounds like god i didn't get spot on the podcast again and nice talking to you turn table light never really had before you don't remember them is out. So what's a coffee at express mart of you possibly can in fact everybody got what is this so. [18:48] Goodnight the wild of a propaganda virus through someone's head phones that way anyways yes we're talking with turn tables hes got what is at one p. m. And the stones lp sign up at one but when i returned to the front of so get set up dinner to set up i don't know who did it wrong but you did it wrong somehow um if i really wrote anyways ugh, so I said why you no aside from the cost the inconvenience and of the person and the real estate requirements, oh great thriller movie ever set up your echo then put it on the distance from the speakers. Yo never bothered listen to music any other way, is it just like that but anyways i like turntable can i reset when there is no talk about turn tables what is the next thing i spend money and also you're talking about. [19:46] Ok so the fic troll a secret so, no never got so there is a massive head i swear fifty different models of record players telegram with the big horn got the side and some of them are modern, yes some of them are made to look like something from the nineteen twenties without was pretty cool. What was the funniest thing i've found out if they would often have a CD player in them and it's like. [20:19] What kind who has a CD player anywhere i can see how the records for see these contracts. Please just lost why bother with this is that some of us are feeling right now well um. Another note never nothing else right now as far as physically physical media is growing so i was surprised like really had a hundred different one switch against us to manufacture things i could hear um, and i really don't like three thousand square feet four thousand square feet and he was really paying attention and then nearby those polaroid. Yes but app is not florida yes but the rights to them yet okay and they have to have some tweaking some sound activation for taking these little snaps of things that seemed really really get to me in something that, human body with because i have wanted the other brand ones instead yeah but they cause someone an status like three boxes too hot or something like that so i discern the polar ride up so much but there is not a quite wrong with the polar is the perfect just fall who is swarm with people so okay. [21:35] What else. [21:39] Sorry but i think we can cover that's what i was told this is not CES related but lots of running reports how things like that in the big guys all had different ports in facebook apple and. Sales are down china stuff all sorts of things um microsoft. What was most interesting was amazon. Their latest annual filing they make it clear that i actually have a your line of business called a transportation logistics which basically means that competing with fedex UPS. Tell her we are up for the easter it is interesting because from fedex and ups amazon order be science. Ofcourse now someone to be competitive so. [22:33] When i go to amazon i order something niccas delivered by one of the partners or could be bothered than ever believe you are right now they are getting canada, sorry not a delivered by amazon directly or maybe of the first two hundred housewives in the last hundred miles wilson telecommunication. [22:52] I wonder if another business that you might not even realize i ordered from amazon but they are failing yeah. [22:58] I'm so i am delivery to know that i know that shoe company um cause of mark um and they got busier the website because of the website ranking driving in amazon transaction so um, is there stuff is all done through amazon fulfillment what do you want to return it to go back to the store to take it back can return it to amazon but would think about it from other countries besides amazon recently, it's kind of a add yeah so difficult so these companies have these little warehouse in like somewhere far from where we live where we left off i the warehouse far away, and then it takes like days to get to know takes even twenty four hours to get shipped when i just even the online ordering experience is a pain yeah. Yo um somebody cap the one up here can i call support check which is my canadian tire, i always before any sports weather for san diego on a boeing things um and i was australia i take a look at some sales and i want to buy my son some ski poles like what i'm saying. Put it so i have an account with them etc vacuum bought on line from before but i when i'm trying to order bulls. [24:12] Make a branch and the strangest failures i go through the transaction at the moment, i was happy you just give me a weird error message that meant nothing um it was something i just quit daycare and message and fight find call them, i thought about my cell phone cost wise australia. [24:34] Yes you can replace you send order to activate that can personally after party or to order directly cell phones so um call them to get confused, ok so let me see if she can figure out what was going on i've figured out what i am doing this from australia. I just thought for a second to do the check-out yeah if not can it would not let him the transaction will you tell me the price when you get all the way that i would like to have italian a vegan without a twenty five step process get this weird error message, right because i guess they're doing some kind of july location services, create an yellow which is kind of meaningless crude up and had to find out if i can get it shipped to australia, your home address yes they won't know is there any other cleaning credit card that is lost business waste of my time human lost the business centre. No are you listening and not by there either just ridiculous. So i um i didn't say that but i have any p and then returning it um. [25:49] Okay that's my budget for running anything else what's up with david. [25:54] Music. [26:02] What can i make sure to show to get it back at the grove shall we sign off and go to the after party and those that want to listen okay. Can figure out where we been awhile this delay if you finish listening right ok so no more excuses will be record of regularly we will be right there. Lets see if everyone have for dancing i'll try to get rid of my cold i keep sticking the nice things. [26:31] Music. [26:40] How long is the show on twitter at service smith's email the show as hard casket service. [26:46] Check out the show notes and leave a comment on www dot service smiths dot com and of course helping others to find out about the show by leaving a review on itunes. [26:57] Music. [27:06] Welcome to the after party hi this is where we do i will talking. And scripted not let everything and we will get this is why it's okay to do this is vibration, uh well this is not what is a brand new rama rama rama space i'd single martin not produce. Space i for sure. I know the step by this myself and how you doing so we have space in my favorites but this one is characteristic of more space is typically a caramel coffee and sweet hands. No no. [27:56] I have returned to the free if you drive i can speak with you can do the free if you don't try you better options so okay so it's a good space in color black that tony golden color. Caramel another friend got a bit of a smokey smell which is characteristic for these when did death but it keep calling me kathleen fl. [28:20] Chicago water effect but same color of smell did not like it. [28:29] What would that look for a black woman. The finish is small compete with another typical space is not bad in the winter jacket winter what's cannot dent not too strong as far is the earth like a little smoother. S plus but not space i like my calendar anything that is barren long time that make them look like they re startup or a think it hand written things like that the classic space is single month scotch whisky. Right but do they talk about the light we send multiple be read the okay back that is delicious forest fruits and creamy malt, i whisper of smoke lingering sherry notes. [29:19] So we need to do we do this with UK people a bit more on the whiskey and will start doing that more this year about some notes on that. What is the bedroom and its so. Newly released ten year old from gordon the bedroom and delivery so it's a first nine years in a bourbon and sherry tasks before him. What's that it's nice barley her be carefree degrassi. Bittersweet got the ginger dry sherry and i want to be like goodbye pie. [30:04] Blue shirt. [30:08] What is not super smooth like most basaites little bit more grit to it ya for sure. [30:17] Already, stop lot of things to talk about okay christmas dress christmas happened i want you write in australia i was so i left i left australia couple of days after our last episode, when i was gone for a little over three weeks and did lots of stuff there actually recorded whiskey the week of the boat and and sealing me a left on the surface before i reformat it. I didn't copy off and you didnt just having a default draft results in to the club i did not do that for a taxi, you have the audacity do that it's essentially a call if i'm out of hi now so it was a loss because i didn't do a record about a bot i vote all the other guys from melbourne to singapore australia people from all over the world, i don't really like the pasta around my best friend the bottle of the time i wish i could cut that photos of eric waited photos yes yeah is perfection through their loss the recording um sso australia so christmas funeral solat a funeral, yes my mother passed away asked here that we have but if you want it like damn she, should i want a lot of ways but my favorite story is that her last rent check bounced. [31:37] Should we get master last jackson, that was awesome yeah yeah he definitely tonight six to start back up and then run out of money that's a great way to do if you are in cuba when this happen right in summary to say it's okay your in-flight so how did you how did you find out, what i got a text message from people i don't normally get a text message from okay i knew i wasn't it was a. No i was in the wrong way okay but atlanta ok let me we need to return yes okay, so what actually happened and why you run away back ok so like you're gonna few days before nine ok francis my sister who passed away when i was in cuba another sister another time. [32:24] Are right house cuba what's good good the food was let's say but blender than usual which is unfortunate the same shit talking about uba yes there a few times myself and not mean by that um i think your sexy ass what we talked about um wedding in the wedding so much of my time right interesting have fun, yeah the father of the groom to snow to be quite a black man gets more so when he starts drinking and the code of the evening with some of the end of the evening he said that calling awesome mc body can't dance for a blip. [32:59] But and i have a serious issue i have a torn ACL still have an excuse for not doing it right and i do yours and theirs well um, my wife for her ACL skiing in a weekly right arm is falling down the stairs in the same AC also fifty fifty chance. Alter turn in my case i had surgery on that one before so, umm and any worse you said yourself you fell down the stairs that's, that's disappointing i know i just of your product you probably wouldn't that have a new design and build out the stairs is like oh yeah no i didn't some plumbing escape from tools, and then drop when i try to pick it up and next thing i know i can go downstairs so your gonna find out if you're skiing season start instance i want yes, if you could ski you can't do a lot more damage compared again, when will be a bolt holding me shit like that so right so what else would it take for the field of things to talk about more during the australia of myself get off the plane to the system. [34:10] Think about how much you pay for cellphone service here so i need a whole bunch of choices do we got the planning to go with vodafone. I don't like abba daddy or a optus is it artists, anyways i'm looking for a thirty five dollars australian which is about thirty two dollars canadian baby, show me thirty one dollars canadian doesnt matter i get an australian couple things one that included taxes but the price of the price but something okay or get on talk to other things about that so i talk for thirty five dollars just like this one i got, can you talk with nick so first off i'm limited, do not stray leah unlimited everything except calls text etc okay ima inbound international texts. Um International calling to like a hundred and eighty countries have five hundred minutes while ok hand. [35:17] Forty gigs of data limits just for one month is not well signed up for the one on this one, i hope not charge me and still up here so what's the forgiveness really forty you will seventeen gigs but they give you a twenty three gig bonus. If you keep renewing a twenty three gage stays back to using a laptop carries over i want that so yeah so extra but something get a struggle to use my favorites are the kids with me and everything i have wi-fi most places and whatnot but no struggling to use that seventeen days i got all that for thirty five bucks yeah. [35:58] What was no contract nothing i'm contacting cheaper than part of a lot of our phone bills this also that the phone you. Why are the magic to buy the phone but. The best from right here in a bit more yes so that was quite nice um yes i think i'm switching is trying not to be. Not typing no tax so things are looking more expensive than the cheaper tickets no tax on top of it, michelle to get the celtics so we get a living wage here can i find more but it is kinda silly restaurant and order the lobster and i want the chicken, right and you just twice the expense of my new duty shipping twice as much by the live at the very bottom what were the top of the percentage is and so um. Did they get the survey to working harder or human to figure out expenses expenses scott dresses cheap scotch right or even yeah so that's one piece of the other piece of it is um, what is the alarm people top attached so the government sites below are the taxes are included lesson and never do but rn taxes right now to take more because the taxes done up so um. [37:10] And just expect people and so you know its to insure a problem that sweet text and for that really but he grand you give me shitty service reddit app, that's that's where we rarely do you adjust temp based on that service and still isn't what is my job to manage your restaurant you're the manager of the order of the restaurant's insurer and getting good service, bake the price of the goods service interior of kentucky into the price i pay it as part of the deal coming out. Makes so much sense anyone to talk to me in services yet i don't we do that just crazy enough words in the us because everyone have a tip jar out. Right everyone you determine the cabbie everybody's expecting a tab, can i see someone's bills is not bad but still your new york everybody yo the dry cleaner the air bartender year. Add for whatever and i don't know what i'd do you find me a way to add dry cleaner new york. Ok so there is a little bit sad. [38:20] What in the us in general right not greg people making money but the way to structure such that that's how they have to are leaving the us they had sold my work and made up but, just seems team strange because the order is a very strange system where does houston to it take it for granted but still very very strange right. True true so you like that, i have filled in the tax is a good hangout i can you go when you go to your whatever here you would never think of just calculate how much the bill is for something you had something złotych some things i can tag else. What is the start you have sent packets of high tax on alcohol high taxes on sugar. Should we not no no i'm not falling out in both and this country and now they're doing what sugar text from taxes and things like that and that thing feeling really effecting your sales. When i want a tax write red to my contacts it's not the whole planet fitness not give you ninety percent buyback yeah salinas salinas. Alright so what else can we talk when you got married idk about that joyful never get married again same error again right excited when i went to nm c the wedding with new years and there was a do for new years. [39:44] We went to have for dinner and we wanted to france place where invited us skiing and we just weird just back from australia are young enough to go skiing can i know ugh. Select solar excuses to talk more but australia in the future will that supervisor made where can i go skiing on the way to seattle not now it's not good makes it easier yeah so we were all in on this saturday night. Set my pc pre conference stuff for beards. Why am organizing open size of average consumption of car fit in all the annual cabin party we working on that. Reduce what we talked about the on the shelf. I don't know i think that was about yet stock market picks in the stock market picks yeah anything i can buy more of it. Tell me the price go up for long-term even call me lol so the big thing and talking about next and we haven't seen of heard any reports from the cannabis producers yep. Another for shortages i think that's potentially good for the good for the stocks other building more. Pass the big things on my next years would have become so used to failure by that same time not so. [41:03] I'm good yeah the wrong word here but in the us where do have legal marijuana yeah um vs canada is mandatory yes. [41:15] People that are hating on lamp but not regular drug users a regular cannabis user. Just want to enjoy recreational on occasion um. I think i'll name the same with some people enjoy a glass of wine every now and then but they don't have it with me a lot and alex i guess red hub. [41:36] They typically don't like to smoke it turn off the like this there's yo is there school. Beverages their animals all about in and the rationale is that the smoke is it bad for your lunch which is, well it's also a painter secret what your phone regular spot for you to smell cigarette simple don't like the smell of it something in there. So out really great pizza sticks around for long time so that's how many kids around, what's the next big wave of edible gummy legal academy so they all have deals with valuable, canopy has to deal with constellation brands has a deal with them i also got trust your heart rate as a deal where if i cant my bedroom now ugh stop the water department of vancouver so yeah that there and then you'll talk about bitcoin. Oh that article about this one bitcoin is exchange your hold our guests bitcoin wallet of some sort what's the exchange place will you exchange if they have wallet so canadian bitcoin exchange which to call her remember bc they'll eight via. [42:55] Talked about themselves as one of the premier bitcoin exchanges and largest in the world that is one guy that basement right i need i just placed an order some of his parents basement is married does one spouse has a job. The three hundred million dollars with bitcoin or silver cotton died in india. [43:20] Due to complications of currency switch off bed hit a chevron has password somewhere yeah hello adam hello. Forty one million pounds of bitcoin. [43:39] Anyways i get stressed because i work for the APS. Forty one million beyond is nothing right except if its yours well lets based on that level and time but its craziness what we really want to get stock tips. No fun alright i think i can wrap it up your stick on the ice mascot. Everyone have a fantastic day was yesterday.

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