45 minutes | Sep 21, 2021

791: How to Trust Your Head, Heart and Hoohah When It Comes to Love with Relationship Coach Laurie Gerber

Episode Summary:Laurie Gerber talks to Elayne Fluker about how she fell in love with coaching and how she began the journey. She educates people to tell the truth and fall in love with themselves. In the episode, she tells Elayne what people misunderstand about relationships. Finally, she talks about how coaching saved her marriage and how that was her transformation into becoming a life coach. About our guest:Laurie Gerber is a life coach. She has held several positions at Handel Group over the last 15 years, including President of HG Life. She is currently the Head Coach of HG Life where she empowers HG’s team of life coaches and thought leaders to deliver The Handel Method with grace and wisdom to their thousands of clients.Insights from the Episode: How to date in a pandemic, and the ingredients needed: leveraging on technology, the right attitude, and time. How to date for efficiency and fun. Understanding the 3 H’s in dating:  Head: is practicality and workability of the relationship Heart: cares about what you care about Hoohah: ask yourself two questions: do I want to kiss you? Do I want to look at your face for x duration of time? Understanding that it is important to check in with yourself before getting out there. Resources MentionedThe Handle Group: @HGLifeCoachingLaurie Gerber's Inner.U Masterclass Stay Connected:Laurie GerberWebsite: Laurie Gerber | Handel GroupFacebook: Laurie Gerber Instagram: @lauriegerber_coachElayne FlukerInstagram: @elayneflukerLinkedIn: Elayne FlukerSupport is SexyInstagram: @supportissexyThis episode was produced and managed by Podcast Laundry. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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