38 minutes | Feb 23rd 2021

Tap Into The Power Of Your Second Brain - Tiago Forte

“Knowledge is only knowledge when it is shared.”

Ever wish you could increase your productivity as if you have a second brain to take care of everything? That sounds strange, doesn’t it? Join one of the world’s foremost experts on productivity, Tiago Forte, as he shares with Jason Marc Campbell how you can “backup” your brain for higher output and more freedom than you ever thought possible.

Listen out for:
  • The mind-blowing idea of a second brain. 
  • The proven C.O.D.E productivity framework.
  • Best way to organize your notes. 
  • The big debate: paper notes vs digital notes.
  • How to make technology work for you.
  • Learn more about what Tiago does here 👉 https://www.buildingasecondbrain.com/ 
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