22 minutes | Dec 28th 2018

The Honolulu Neighborhood Boards Wants You! - SuperflyOz 78 12/28/2018

With the bells of Big Ben counting down to the end of the year, SuperflyOz Episode No. 78 looks into the new year and new opportunities for residents in Honolulu to become more involved in their government. SuperflyOz interviews Shawn Hamamoto, Executive Director the Honolulu Neighborhood Commission Office of the City and County of Honolulu, informing anyone who is a resident of Honolulu about the opportunity to run and become a member of a Honolulu neighborhood board. With over 400 seats to fill, Shawn will inform listeners how simple it is to become a registered candidate right from your smart phone and a text message. Furthermore, with involvement comes the ability to make real change in your community, which Shawn provides great examples of throughout the interview. The Podcast will start featuring more of the Neighborhood Board efforts to recruit candidates as it will now feature PSA's from the Office, encouraging you to become a candidate. Hear those starting at the beginning of the year. And Happy New Year to all of the listeners of the SuperflyOz podcast, broadcast most times on Saturday's from the McCully district of Downtown Honolulu. Be sure to provide feedback by email at sjfhawaii@gmail.com. The SuperflyOz podcast is owned, produced and directed by Stan Fichtman.
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