39 minutes | Jul 7th 2018

The Brandon Dela Cruz Interview - SuperflyOz 56 7/7/2018

SuperflyOz is honored to present his interview with Brandon Dela Cruz, a Filipino community leader in Hawaii, and now-former president of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii. In a wide-ranging interview, hear what Brandon has to say about his year of service, what he has learned about himself and the community, and where we might see this young community leader come up next as a leader here in Hawaii. You will not want to miss this interview as Brandon, at the end, asks a question of SuperflyOz, an answer you will not want to miss. And if you are interested in being interviewed on the SuperflyOz Podcast, please email me at sjfhawaii@gmail.com, and lets make arrangements to bring my microphone to your place and ask you a few questions that the listeners will want to hear! The SuperflyOz podcast is owned, produced and directed by Stan Fichtman.
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