42 minutes | Jul 14th 2018

Sports, Culture and Arts in Hawaii - SuperflyOz 57 7/14/2018

SuperflyOz was pleased to sit down with former Hawaii State Senator Will Espero back in March for a wide ranging interview. One of the topics that he was passionate about was the idea of enhancing the tourism trade in Hawaii by emphasizing and growing the sports, culture and arts factors for Hawaii to become a culture and arts hub and a destination for sports programs from throughout. The Senator elaborates on ideas that he has presented for a while in both forums as well as in debates - ideas which SuperflyOz thinks are more thought-out ideas for the development of Hawaii's No. 1 (or 2 depending on how you define it) economic driver in Hawaii - Tourism. The SuperflyOz podcast is owned, produced and directed by Stan Fichtman.
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