37 minutes | Aug 18th 2018

Primary Perspectives from a Party Insider - SuperflyOz 62 8/18/2018

SuperflyOz #62 is once again looking behind the curtain to find you the best political analysis on the Hawaii Primary Election 2018. While others may have pundits, we have former Hawaii Democratic Party Oahu County Chair Bixby Ho coming to the studio and providing his insight and perspective of the primary election and its outcomes. This is great insight on what is really happening and how it all went down on August 11 that you will not hear anywhere else! Bixby will share with the listener, also, some insight on select upcoming races in the General - the Val Okimoto/Marilyn Lee match up and what his thoughts are on the Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor. This is analysis you cannot get anywhere else but the SuperflyOz podcast! The SuperflyOz podcast is owned, produced and directed by Stan Fichtman.
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