32 minutes | Jul 22nd 2018

Infrastructure in Hawaii - SuperflyOz 58 7/22/2018

In late June, 2018, seven candidates - FOR HONOLULU CITY COUNCIL Tommy Waters Natalie Iwasa Trevor Ozawa FOR HOUSE DISTRICT 17 Alan Yim Gene Ward FOR HOUSE DISTRICT 18 Mark Hashem and Ola Souza Who are running for various city and state offices to represent the East Honolulu area were at a forum at the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board. One question that came up - what is their visions for infrastructure (roads, sewers, etc) was asked. You will find that the answers were varied, and in some cases, candidates used it to talk about non-infrastructure related issues and try to tie it back. One candidate out of the seven was one that SuperflyOz points out as being the only one that really answers the question intelligently. This is an important issue as road, sewer and water infrastructure is a key item that needs leadership in order for it to continue a certain quality of life in Hawaii. This is a issue you will want to hear what the candidates say! The SuperflyOz podcast is owned, produced and directed by Stan Fichtman.
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