31 minutes | Dec 9th 2018

Calling out & challenging the Social Justice Warriors - SuperflyOz 75 12/9/2018

Social Justice Warriors are being called out on SuperflyOz podcast No. 75. These "warriros" - individuals and small groups that constitently attack or addresses anyting they find inappropriate or triggering in their minds. They choose to repatedly bash in a fast and furious way of an issue with the intent to obliterate the offensive item, and then jump on their train and roll onto the next issue that these warriors want to take on. SuperflyOz calls out Social Justice Warriors, telling them that real social change in our nation and around the world takes more than a 15 minute yell-fest and tweeting out their outrage, and having it repeated, on Twitter. SuperflyOz shows this off with a parallel to a real social movement that did everlasting and positive change in the world. SuperflyOz highlights the 40-year effort by those around the world to change the rule of South Africa from minority white rule to majority black rule. The effort to make that happen took decades with generations of activists taking up the call to see that the final goal - a South Africa ruled by the majority - took place. This type of effort, SuperflyOz then shows, is not anywhere close to the dedication of these Warriors who are now making noise over whatever the offended item of the day is. Show intro and outro music is: Intro: South African Anthem to 1994; Outro: South African Anthem, 1994 to present. The SuperflyOz podcast is owned, produced and directed by Stan Fichtman.
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