27 minutes | Jul 28th 2018

Be right & #BeeKind - SuperflyOz 59 7/28/2018

This week's show focuses both on how one legislator in Hawaii is asking other legislators to be right in their critique of the Governor, and another person how they plan to spread kindness on their little yellow Vespa Scooter across the United States. We first read a letter from Sen. Laura Thielen of the Hawaii State Senate, calling out other woman leaders in Hawaii for their criticism of Gov. David Ige's recent commercial stating to Colleen Hanabusa "Criticism isn't Leadership" and saying that his attack is sexist. She points out that these leaders whom are pointing a finger at the Governor are also at the same time pointing three fingers back at themselves for their hypocracy. Thank you to Sen. Thielen for allowing SuperflyOz to read that letter on air. We then shift focus to a gentlemen who, next week, will embark on a cross country tour in a yellow Vespa called "Bee Kind" and spread a philosophy of kindness and help to places across the US. Jeff Lenhart will be getting out of his comfort bubble in working at the Dubuque St. Mission in Dubuque, Iowa, and going from the East to the West coast in a Vespa spreading kindness. SuperflyOz asks if your interested in helping Jeff to seek out his Facebook page and see if he could come to Hawaii. The SuperflyOz podcast is owned, produced and directed by Stan Fichtman.
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