49 minutes | Apr 27, 2021

Supercharge Inventive Thinking with Drone Pioneer George Matus

Did you know that inventive thinking is one of the most important characteristics you can cultivate? In this fascinating episode of Supercharged Life, Dr. Judy explains why this is a life-changing skill that can help you to achieve success and fulfillment, and how to combat the fears and self-doubt that stop many of us from tapping into our inner inventor. Dr. Judy welcomes a inspiring drone pioneer and founder and CEO of Teal Drones, George Matus, who launched his cutting-edge company at age 17 when he was still in high-school! George shares how he found his inventive spirit at age 5, how he had the courage to start a company as a teen, and his surprising tips on how to deal with mistakes and failure. Dr. Judy and George take on listener questions like how anyone can tap into this incredible skill, how to apply an inventive spirit to our everyday lives, how to cope with fears that stop us from taking risks, creativity tips for busy and overwhelmed people, key traits to look for in team members, and the formula for entrepreneurial success. George will blow you away with his secret about how he deals with self-defeating thinking and all of the practical and amazing ways drones can be used in the future! Stay tuned for Dr. Judy’s Supercharged tips on how to charge up your inventive thinking and put this amazing skill to work so that you can create an awe-inspiring life beyond your wildest dreams! In this episode, we discuss:1.     Why inventive thinking is essential for everyone (0:20)2.     How George Matus became interested in flying things and sparked inventive thinking (4:15)3.     How George started his business as a teenager (9:40)4.     George’s attitude about making mistakes (16:10)5.     Practical applications of drones (19:30)6.     George and Dr. Judy answers: How to do extraordinary things even when you don’t feel extraordinary (25:50)7.     George and Dr. Judy answers: How to apply inventive thinking to everyday life (27:00)8.     George and Dr. Judy answers: How to generate new ideas after a long and busy day (29:00)9.     George and Dr. Judy answers: Best tips on how to be a good leader and have them invest in your mission (30:25)10. George and Dr. Judy answers: Formula for becoming an entrepreneur - wining attributes (33:20)11. George and Dr. Judy answers: How to find good mentors (35:10)12. Supercharged Secret of the Day: Tap into your inner inventor (38:40) To submit questions for Dr. Judy to answer anonymously, go to this link: Teal Drones WebsiteTeal Drones YouTubeTeal Drones FacebookTeal Drones LinkedIn Dr. Judy WebsiteDr. Judy InstagramDr. Judy TwitterDr. Judy Facebook Stage 29 Podcasts InstagramStage 29 Podcasts TwitterStage 29 Podcasts Facebook  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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