47 minutes | Jan 19, 2021

Does Your Self-Esteem Need a Tune-Up? Dr. Judy Tackles Your Confidence Questions!

Does your self-esteem need a tune up? Self-esteem is not a trait, it is a skill that you can cultivate, and Dr. Judy shows you how in this informative episode. Dr. Judy shares the signs of healthy v. low self-esteem and offers a simple and scientific self-esteem quiz that you can take right in this episode and do a self-esteem checkup. Then, Dr. Judy takes on some super relatable listener questions that will help you to combat negative self-talk, stop over-comparisons with siblings, raise children with healthy self-esteem, deal with naysayers, learn self-confidence in romance, and enact assertive communication without feeling guilty. She teaches action-focused, well-researched techniques like playing “devil’s advocate,” acting “as-if”, the 3-step failproof plan of managing constructive criticism, the practice of loving-kindness meditation, one of her favorite acronyms, V. A. M., and so much more! Make sure you stay tuned for Dr. Judy’s Supercharged tips on how to cultivate soaring self-esteem at any age!If you have a problem or issue that relates to today’s topics, download and subscribe today and Supercharge your life now! And if you have questions you need answered, follow and DM Dr. Judy on Instagram @drjudyho and she will get to as many questions as possible on her next episode of Ask Dr. Judy!In this episode, Dr. Judy tackles:1.     Signs your self-esteem needs a tune-up (4:40)2.     A self-esteem quiz – how do you score? (5:50)3.     Dr. Judy Answers: How to combat negative self-talk (8:50)4.     Dr. Judy Answers: How to stop comparing myself to family members (11:30)5.     Dr. Judy Answers: Getting more confident in romantic pursuits (15:30)6.     Dr. Judy Answers: How to actively practice self-compassion for better self-esteem (19:20)7.     Dr. Judy Answers: Responding non-defensively to critics and boost self-esteem in the process (23:00)8.     Dr. Judy Answers: When someone you love doesn’t love themselves (26:15)9.     Dr. Judy Answers: Helping children develop strong self-esteem (29:45)10. Dr. Judy Answers: How to not over-apologize for being direct and assertive (33:40)11. Supercharged Secret of the Day: Make Your Self-Esteem Soar at Any Age (37:00)To submit questions for Dr. Judy to answer anonymously, go to this link:https://www.menti.com/e7uhobi3sf https://www.drjudyho.com/https://www.instagram.com/drjudyho/https://twitter.com/drjudyho            https://www.facebook.com/doctorjudyho https://www.instagram.com/stage29podcastshttps://twitter.com/stage29podcastshttps://www.facebook.com/Stage29Podcasts/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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