51 minutes | Apr 21st 2020

Billionaire Mark Cuban on Building Thriving Empires: Conscientious and empathic capitalism

In this episode, Dr. Judy sat down with Mark Cuban, a self-made billionaire, a visionary and a true American success story. Mark’s humble roots from a working class family taught him the value of learning and hard work, and today he is frequently sought after by world leaders for advice and guidance and was recently appointed to President Trump’s advisory group on reopening the economy. This solution-focused episode is full of gems as Mark shares his ideas about how America will emerge stronger and better and what the future will hold for people around the world. 

As the world continues to evolve almost daily in the midst of this pandemic, Mark and Dr. Judy cover a lot of ground to answer the questions we are all asking. What will our country, our economy, and our lives look like in the new normal? How will we rebuild and how will businesses recover and flourish? What will the NBA look like once we emerge from isolation and how should we revamp the NBA draft process to give young athletes the opportunity to receive a good education? What important takeaways has Shark Tank (where Mark has been a resident Shark investor from its inception) given Mark and all of us? Where will the next big ideas come from (hint: Alexa scripting will be key) and what should we be teaching our children? What have we learned from this pandemic and what changes need to be made to our corporate business model and the way we manage and value employees? Mark reveals his optimism for change, the induction of “compassionate capitalism,” and the vision he has for what he calls America 2.0 as well as his top initiatives if he were to become President (and yes, he hasn’t closed the door to a presidential bid). 

This episode will lift you up, give you hope, inspire you to be your best, and empowered to be solution-focused in times of difficulty like Mark Cuban!

In this episode, we discuss: 

1.     How statistics helped him to create a 15+ year win streak for the Mavericks (5:00)

2.     How he built his first company MicroSolutions from nothing (7:40)

3.     Why we should focus on what we’re good at and not necessarily our passions (9:10)

4.     The power of broke (12:00)

5.     Mark’s presidential advisory group appointment and how he thinks our leaders are doing during the pandemic (13:50)

6.     Mark’s vision for America version 2.0 (15:50)

7.     Mark’s predictions on how we will return to the new normal (20:45)

8.     Why everyone should learn Alexa scripting (26:00)

9.     Favorite moments from Shark Tank (28:16)

10.   How we’ll return to sports (32:45)

11.   Mark’s humble philosophy about family (35:10)

12.   Mark Cuban presidential run and top things he would change as president (39:30)

13.   Mark’s hatred of meetings and his solution (43:20)

14.   SuperCharged Tip of the Day: Solution Focused Approach (44:11)

15.   How you can play with the Mavericks (49:10) 










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