60 minutes | Dec 16th 2016

274: Differentiate or Die - Joel Sherlock

Today's guest shares how he bought his first house while he was in college and was forced to sell.  While he first thought selling his house was nothing but a huge hassle quickly learned that he made 50K on a 10K investment.  He had never heard of "flipping" but, he was hooked.

He explains how that was the start of his career in real estate and went from flipping to starting his own brokerage to now selling real estate in a traditional model.  He has learned a lot along the way including mainstays like "If you take care of the client the business will take care of itself".

It took a few years but, he stumbled onto a strategy that I've never heard before in real estate----he has built a marketplace matching sellers to sellers and his unique value proposition is so strong that he easily does 100+ deals a year.

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