63 minutes | May 21, 2020

Prodigy Maker Show Episode 40

The Future of Online Coaching Chris discusses the future of online coaching and his experiences training players remotely using Zoom. YouTube show link: https://youtu.be/vUro5SIAlTw On the show, Chris covers the following topics: --Zoom training --Different ways to train using online platforms --The best devices for home repetitions to simulate a ball machine or hand feeding. --What subjects can be realistically trained at home and through online platforms? --Review of the Eye Coach, Topspin Pro, Great Base Backboard, --Alternate online lesson formats --Synchronous versus Asynchronous Training --Virtual Reality Training --Live real-time data collection and presentation, Internet of Things --Why not everyone can benefit from online training --Why and how Luddites and technological skeptics are hurting online training --Why coaches should not share their expertise online for free! --Why Chris believes he could train a player to a world-class level without ever meeting them in person! --And much more! Chris is getting ready for summer camp 2020. Are you coming to the mountains to train with him! Vamos! Thanks to the loyal audience for all your support and for your shares! Thanks for your thumbs up and likes. Thanks for your 5 star reviews on Apple Website: www.chrislewit.com Blog: www.ProdigyMaker.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChrisLewitTennisAcademy Twitter: www.twitter.com/chrislewit LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/chris-lewit-tennis-academy Instagram: www.instagram.com/chrislewittennis/ YouTube: www.youtube.com/ChrisLewit iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-prodigy-maker-tennis-show/
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