53 minutes | Mar 31, 2020

Episode 38. The Prodigy Maker Show

Episode 38. The Prodigy Maker Show At Home High Performance Tennis Training Youtube show link: https://youtu.be/C2DHQnheT6I —— Here is the link to purchase Eye Coach. It’s essential for home training. You can also quick order from Amazon: A ball machine in the corner of your living room! Amigos My regular students should all be using Eye Coach at home this winter. To get extra quality repetitions. I use the device at home all the time on bad weather days, and I have made a few videos to share what I have learned, and how I train on the machine. It’s important to follow my advice and not the standard training videos you can find online, which I don’t like at all. You can save $20 by using the discount code below. https://youtu.be/OuHTDbv1Z6g https://youtu.be/KrtaLfOWauI https://youtu.be/hDX_oc0LzI8 The link for Eye Coach is https://www.howtoplaytennis.net/product-category/eye-coach/ Enter code LEWPRO for $20 discount —— Chris shares his insight and secrets of at home tennis training for serious players. On the show, Chris discusses the following topics: --The Big Three Priorities for at home tennis training. Don't mess these up! --Why Cardio should be the most important at home training focus —How Chris uses the Zoom platform to train kids remotely --The Eye Coach as a ball machine in your living room --The Great Base Backboard as a ball machine in your garage --Chris shares his thoughts about the Topspin Pro machine --Secondary priorities when training at home --Why shadow swinging with the hand is safer than with the racquet --Why you should avoid excessive shadow swinging at home if possible --Why pushups and situps are not nearly enough to stay tennis fit --Why it's important to work groundstrokes and serves at home daily Sammie the tennis academy dog makes a cameo appearance! --Why you should be cautious about watching videos and working on mental training and strategy at home --And much more! Thanks to the loyal audience for all your support and for your shares! Thanks for your thumbs up and likes. Thanks for your 5 star reviews on Apple Podcasts! —Follow Chris at these websites and social media links Website: www.chrislewit.com Blog: www.ProdigyMaker.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChrisLewitTennisAcademy Twitter: www.twitter.com/chrislewit LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/chris-lewit-tennis-academy Instagram: www.instagram.com/chrislewittennis/ YouTube: www.youtube.com/ChrisLewit iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-prodigy-maker-tennis-show/
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