61 minutes | Jul 4, 2021

Frontiers #13 - September 2020

 Another September mix! Getting my hands on the intro mix of Nox Vahn & Marsh's track "Come Together" inspired me to whip one up.This one's a bit more traditional progressive house all the way through. The first half is relaxing and melodic as usual, while the second half gets some nice, rhythmic grooves going. It's a treat all the way through (not that I'm biased or anything).(00:00) Nox Vahn & Marsh - Come Together(07:22) Fluida - Not Alone(12:04) Dosem - Eternal Summer(16:14) Matt Fax - Fallen (PROFF Remix)(20:57) Dezza - Tilt Shift(24:18) Yotto & Lane 8 - Buggy(29:55) Revolution8 & Amara - Savitri (Sunrise Mix)(34:52) Matt Fax - Avalon(41:56) BT - Never Odd Or Even(47:44) Tritonal, HALIENE, SCHALA, & Jorza - Long Way Home (Farius Remix)(52:18) Jaytech - The Only One(56:18) Sunny Lax - Hallucination
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