14 minutes | Oct 29, 2020

Should I go to Law School?

In this episode, Josh and Aaron talk about their experience as lawyers and some things to think about if you are considering law school.FVF Law is a well-credentialed, award-winning personal injury law firm. FVF strives to be the educational resource for the injured, available to guide those with questions about what comes next. It is FVF’s mission to ensure clients are prioritized and informed throughout the injury claim process, and to secure the best possible outcome. Josh Fogelman and Aaron Von Flatern founded FVF Law to offer a different kind of injury law firm, and a dignified alternative in the marketplace. They hope to show injured Texans that consulting a lawyer after an injury is a natural, and responsible thing to do.Learn more about FVF Law at https://www.fvflawfirm.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/texasinjurylawyers/
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