53 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

290: Across the Battlefields of the World

You can help to support this show and the rest of Squadcast Media through Patreon at this link!  Thank you for your support! You can help support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention HERE In this episode Tim and Scott talk about: Walter Hamada has a newly extended contract with DC Films Warner Brothers has a new compensation plan for 2021 HBO Max films Wonder Woman 1984 highlights the flaws of Rotten Tomatoes Zack Snyder reveals some plans for future 4K remaster releases of his DC films Zack Snyder revealed the unreleased placeholder picture of Wonder Woman from the 1854 Crimean War Green Arrow and the Canaries has been cancelled DC artist Steve Lightle has passed away We talk about all this and more! Enjoy! Where to find us: Follow DC Films Squadcast on Twitter at @DCFilmsSquadcst Follow Tim on Twitter at @Allenfire Follow Scott on Twitter at @ScottDC27 Email us at DCFilmsSquadcast@gmail.com Subscribe to Squadcast Media: DC Films Squadcast:  iTunes / Spotify / Google Play / Stitcher / RSS DCTV Squadcast:  iTunes / Google Play / Stitcher / RSS DC Comics Squadcast:  iTunes / Google Play / Stitcher / RSS Fans Without Borders: iTunes / Google Play / Stitcher / RSS Marvel Squadcast: iTunes / Google Play / Stitcher The show's intro music was composed by Tim Yoko. The show's outro music was composed by Jordan Funk. We are a proud member of the Batman Podcast Network! Please go check out the other great shows that can be found there!
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