63 minutes | Mar 31, 2021

Dr. Sonal's Page: The Pediatrician-Mom on a Mission

As a pediatrician and a mom, there are very few times that we are out of character. This week's guest embodies the mom, physician, empath, life-saver all in one. She is a neonatologist on a mission to save moms from the sometimes traumatic events that follow childbirth, that sometimes culminate in self-harm or suicide. Did you know that many moms take their own lives around 9 to 10 months postpartum? I had no idea it was a thing even though after my last baby, I myself had a health scare at exactly 10 months postpartum! Quotables: "Invest in your health, ask for that in your registry" "Expect it: the first month sucks" "Find a support system, reach out" "It's ok to include your partner in your child's care" Where to find: www.nayacare.org: for telehealth and free consults for moms and their babies. Are you a parent struggling with your child who just came out as gay? Check out our brand new website! I am so proud of it, and can't wait to share it with you, especially the resources page. Click on www.dr-lulu.com and taste what Dr. Lulu is cooking :) Ciao Bella! Dr. L --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/uchenna-lizmay-umeh/support
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