50 minutes | Dec 17, 2020

Dr. Madhuri's Page: What Our Resident-Doctors Go Through With Their Mental Health

Dr. Madhuri is an infectious disease physician who literally won my heart with her youth and her vision. This episode deals with something I experienced myself. Burnout! Like me, she was also suicidal and one day, she found herself on a road, in a car, and... Find out what she did that is sooooo cool for other residents. Qoutables: "I was scared to get help because I wanted to be the best doctor" "I was kind of in a daze all day" "I started doing things that are pleasurable to me" Where to find her: @madhudri99 on IG and madhuri.tirumanas@gmail.com Do you have a story about trauma?  Would you like to be a guest on my podcast? Simply send an email to askdoctorlulu@gmail.com or go to calendly.com/drlulu Dr. L PS: Interested in a pair of TRIBAL EYES glasses?  Visit www.tribaleyesshop.com, mention DRLULUTRIBE for a 20% off discount or $100 off your first $500 purchase.  Tell them you first heard about it on this podcast, or Dr. Lulu sent you! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/uchenna-lizmay-umeh/support
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