46 minutes | Dec 15, 2020

Chantel's Page: How Do You Talk About Suicide? Just Talk About It.

After her own suicide attempt, this week's guest found her calling. She decided to make the necessary changes to begin her healing and helping journey. A 15-yr veteran Licenced Practical Counselor, Chantel shares about her own trials and survival of "overwhelmness". Find out what she did and why.  Quotables: "It's not you if your environment is not enriching you, change jobs" "We all have light in us, we all have greatness" "Trust the process" "Be comfortable reaching out and asking for help" Where to find her: Shaping Minds Therapeutic Services in Delaware, USA: ShapingMindsTherapy.com. Podcast: Gems To Shape The Mind WHAT'S UP DOC? Are you stressed out and/or overwhelmed? Having a hard time connecting with the honey? Workplace stress got you down? Trouble passing your boards? Lost and all alone for the holidays? Feeling stagnant and not motivated? Not the same "go-getter" you used to be? Feeling unheard, unappreciated, even unloved? You love medicine, but not so sure about your WHY anymore? Let's talk. Let me help you figure out how to move forward, and "find yourself again" www.calendly.com/drlulu (802) 768-1180 See you soon! Dr. Lulu --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/uchenna-lizmay-umeh/support
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