41 minutes | Jan 10th 2020

A Merry Marijuanukkah

A super special episode is coming at you hot from Rachel’s childhood bedroom to close out sweet, sweet, 2019. Lindsey & Rachel are, surprise surprise, really feeling themselves this evening and are more excited than ever to talk about life, love, and Torah (what else is there, really). After catching up on the various antics your favorite blond Jewish stoners have found themselves in over the past couple months (think: threesomes, Miami, marriage, - not all at once!), they take a little stroll through Hanukkah Lane and talk about all sorts of fun shit. Rachel goes through the story of Hanukkah and is positively shocked at all of the things she didn’t know, specifically that Lindsey considers Bill Nye the Science Guy a 1 on the Binary scale. Lindsey takes us downtown to the Book of the Maccabees and discusses the importance of reflecting on our history and the people who made us. We then get really cute and give each other 3 Hanukkah wishes!! We KNOW. We can’t stand it either. Obviously we have to close out by playing a scintillating round of “Is this kosher?” You’ll laugh, you’ll “smh”, you’ll laugh again. SO HAPPY TO BE HERE.

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