7 minutes | Oct 26, 2020

#RWESmartBytes Week 2: GRATITUDE

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow" Melody BeattieI LOVE THAT QUOTE, DO YOU? 🤔The topic for today is #gratitude. 😇Gratitude to me is the feeling of being grateful or thankful. Usually, this takes place when we are happy and this usually occurs when we've come across a major life event.However, in a recent post by Steve Wohlenhaus, he mentions that major life events only represent 10% of the overall happiness and the rest 90% is up to us.We must also be mindful of hedonic adaptation, which is our ability to return to stable levels of happiness despite major positive or negative life events. In other words, we start taking things for granted.The solution is to practice deliberate gratitude on a daily basis.In 2018 Summer Allen wrote a whitepaper 'The Science of Gratitude'.Benefits of practicing daily gratitude:1. Increase in happiness and positive mood.2. More satisfied with life.3. Less likely to experience burnout.4. Better physical health.5. Better Sleep and most importantly6. Greater Resilience.Do let me know in the comments whether you have a daily gratitude practice or not and whether this motivated you? 👇👇
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