5 minutes | Oct 12, 2020

#RWESmartBytes Week 1

Hey Everyone! Welcome to a new segment of the Real World Education Podcast. Now we understand that many of you might not have the time to go through an hour-long episode. As a result, we are launching #RWESmartBytes which are audio clips of 1-5 minutes. We will be covering personal development and major insights from past interviews. Please let us whether you like this new segment or not and if you do please consider sharing this with your loved ones and leave us a review on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or any of your favorite streaming platforms. So today we discuss why it is imperative that you have a morning routine especially if you are serious about personal and professional development.As Rocky Balboa says life ain't all sunshine and rainbows and similarly we all face failures, setbacks, and doubts on a day-to-day basis. However, when we begin our day with a morning routine we generate massive amounts of momentum that allows us to deal with whatever may come our way.As Vishen Lakhiani states you become unfu*kwithable!To know my personal morning routine please watch the video.My morning routine is based on Robin Sharma's book The 5 AM Club and his course on MindValley Hero Genius Legend.It's a combination of meditation, journaling, gratitude, and HIIT workoutsDo let me know in the comments whether you have a morning routine or not. If you want to start a routine but have no idea how, please feel free to contact me as I'd love to help.
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