22 minutes | Dec 15, 2020

#13: Financial Independence 101 With Eric Simonson

Welcome to another episode of the Successology Podcast. Today of the show we are chatting with Eric Simonson. Eric is the financial planner and owner of Abundo Wealth. We understand that financial advisors usually get a bad rep. In the interview, I actually found out if you work with a traditional financial advisor who charges a 2% fees over the course of your life you will end up eroding 70% of your wealth :o However, Abundo Wealth is focused on doing things differently. Their motto is to "minimize fees and maximize life". Eric wants you to help you live your best life all while being smart and strategic with your money. Today on the show we discuss the following:1. What is the definition of financial independence?2. Investment3. Debt Management 4. Taxes5. Gaining Experiences to live life to the fullest. If you enjoyed the show please consider leaving us a review on Apple Podcast and also share it with your loved ones.Until  Next Time, This Is Your Host Rajdeep Singh Signing Off! 
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