36 minutes | Mar 10th 2021

Brian R. Johnson Podcast

Brian Johnson is a Texas-based advertising strategist, brand architect and e-commerce geek. He has served as a leader in online advertising and conversion rate strategy for nearly two decades. A trusted partner to tens of thousands of brands across the globe, Brian’s work has earned him a reputation as a disruptive force in a world brimming with new and interesting challenges. Through his advertising agency, CANOPY Management, as well as his highly successful Amazon ad consultancy Amazon PPC Troubleshooting, Brian has helped companies dramatically improve their bottom lines with his peerless expertise in e-commerce, and how to connect new customers by responsibly leveraging the latest advertising practices and theories in new and exciting ways. His expertise is used widely by thousands of marketing teams in his software and unique training courses, and the results his products and services deliver continue to put him in high demand with companies both large and small around the world.
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