57 minutes | Jan 18th 2019

Episode 6 - Transcending Labels and Consciously Challenging Beliefs

Helloooo! Today I had to opportunity to have a conversation with one of my good friends Donald @donsgoldennuggets. Donald has an amazing story. In middle school he was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, which at first, was a welcome diagnosis to help him make sense of the way he was feeling at the time. Identifying with the label provided him with answers. But, not for long. This lead his on a path to look deeper within and transcend the label that was placed on him; as he puts it "Diagnosed with autism but, autism doesn't have me!"  He is now on his own journey to help other transcend their own labels that have been placed on them by themselves and/or society. The path that he took to look deeper within has made him an incredible person to talk to about the deeper meaning of life, understanding oneself and others, challenging beliefs, and making greater connections.  We delve deep into the topics of mental health, identifying with beliefs, self confidence, entrepreneurial journey's and much much more... Tune in! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/scienceandspirituality/support
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