34 minutes | Jun 16th 2019

Legacy That Leaves An Impact

Raniera Rewiri and Te Haunui Tuna silenced the room a few months ago when they spontaneously performed The Haka for entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk on camera. They also honored Tony Robbins with The Haka and we decided it was time to learn more about the impact events had been having on their development as entrepreneurs. In this episode of the podcast, we’re exploring their Maori background and how all that they're learning and implementing through Success Resources seminars are helping them in leaving a legacy. iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Spreaker | Acast | Player FM | PodBean   RESOURCES / LINKS: Te Haunui Tuna on Instagram Raniera Rewiri on Instagram   3 KEY POINTS: The tradition of The Haka contains principles that enable you to leverage the powerful energy of movement to give you a boost of energy at various points throughout the day. Your community has a profound impact on how you live your life and the perspectives you take into each and every situation, so choose your inner circle wisely. You are standing on the shoulders of your ancestors whose blood is coursing through your veins. Realizing this carries a new level of self-respect for both yourself and the mission you feel you are put on this planet to accomplish
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