24 minutes | Oct 15th 2019

How The "Tony Robbins" We Know Today Was Born

If you're just joining us, this is the 2nd part of our interview with Michael Burnett, CEO of Success Resources who is sitting down with the world’s #1 life and business strategist, Tony Robbins. In this episode, you’ll get to hear how Tony created the “Tony Robbins" we see today.  He goes deep into how he prepares to be on stage for his mega-events, what drives him and what legacy he wants to leave.  Tony Robbins — best selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and the world’s #1 life and business strategist. Tony is the Chairman of a holding company with 40 privately held businesses with combined sales exceeding $5billion / year. His best-selling books and sold-out seminars reach more than 4 million people in person and over 50 million people from 100 countries. In today’s fun and light-hearted conversation between Tony and Michael Burnett, Tony shares what he collects, his favorite comedians, sports teams, guilty pleasures and even who would he thinks the perfect cast would be in a movie about him. What stands out about this interview compared to others with Tony is that he and Michael have worked together for the past 25 years and built a genuine friendship as a result — making this one of the most personal, intimate, and fun conversations we’ve ever seen Tony have.  iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Spreaker | Acast | Player FM | PodBean   RESOURCES / LINKS:   Tony on Instagram Tony website Success Resources Events  
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