38 minutes | Jan 28th 2019

Don’t Become An Entrepreneur. Business Lessons with Vince Del Monte

Vince Del Monte has built his brand coaching fitness entrepreneurs to scale their high ticket coaching programs to 7 figures. After hiring coaches of his own to help him hit another level, Vince began capturing the true narrative of his clients’ fitness journey to show the rest of the world why he was worthy of the self-proclaimed title: The skinny-guy saviour. What really stands out about Vince though is his brutal and raw honesty regarding whether or not you should actually start your own business. In the beginning, Vince thought quantity always trumped quality… Today, Vince actively focuses on both the marathon and the sprint by growing his business online with quality content first and then focusing on quantity second. In this interview, Vince is going to try and talk you out of becoming an entrepreneur, for your own sake. iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Spreaker | Acast | Player FM | PodBean   RESOURCES / LINKS: Vince on Instagram Vince’s Mastermind Vince’s mentor, Bedros Skeuilian   3 KEY POINTS: If you put out “thoughtless” content you will lose You need to give yourself a title and fight to earn it You need to find a mentor who has what you want in excess   WHAT GUEST SHARES: “If it's not bad-ass, don't put it out. It's got to be exceptional, it's got to be excellent, and then, that forces you to just level up everything you're doing." "You can't just put thoughtless content out there and expect people to figure things out for themselves." “When you give yourself the title, you start acting like it. Give yourself a title that you can own and that represents your story.” "I stay around people that see more potential in me than I see in myself. " "Confidence comes not from your reputation, but your character - who you are when nobody's looking." “You've got to find [a mentor] who has what you want in excess." "A commitment has to be backed up by re-adjusting your schedule, your calendar. " “You've got to continue to invest into yourself without any guarantee of an ROI and, that's why entrepreneurship is not for… the majority of people. Because they want a guarantee."   QUOTES: “You don't need confidence, you need certainty." "It's easy taking the title. It's tough keeping the title." "Focus on your character more so than your reputation." “Real commitments are always backed by time and money."  
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