14 minutes | Nov 26th 2019

Breaking your own record with Gene Simmons

In today’s episode, Gene Simmons, co-founder of KISS, chats to Gene McNaughton, the president of Success Resources America at a recent National Achievers Congress. Gene Simmons is most famous for being the bassist and co-lead singer of legendary rock and roll band KISS. Simmons formed KISS in the 1970s and they are still touring today—recently completing a successful tour around Australia. But aside from being a bona fide rock god, Simmons is also a bona fide serial entrepreneur. He generated a personal wealth of over 300 million dollars. He has started a chain of restaurants, a financial services management company, reality shows, owned a football team, is a best-selling entrepreneurship author, and is a well-known speaker on the business lecture circuit. In this episode, Simmons talks about the importance of hard work and how we have all the information we need for success in our pockets.  
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