37 minutes | Nov 15th 2017

Episode 024: Stadium Status Author John Brubaker

John Brubaker is a highly sought after keynote speaker, award-winning author and executive coach known for his unique approach to performance enhancement. He has front line,high-stakes, high-stress experience as a championship coach. His 12 year coaching career ended with him getting fired – on his birthday! This experience taught John all the powerful lessons of coaching: teamwork, setbacks, strategy,and implementation – but equally the importance of balancing your life.  Coach Bru’s programs are based in real-life and are road-tested. John has devoted the past 20 years as a coach, bringing together and building on the combination of his life experiences to help leaders and teams not just move to the next level but to Stadium Status.


Website: www.CoachBru.com

Email:  john@CoachBru.com

Twitter: @CoachBru

Facebook: CoachBru

Linkedin: CoachBru

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The Leadership Playbook: Become Your Team's Most Valuable Leader by Jamy Bechler

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"Think big. Start small. Act now." (John Brubaker)

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